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The number of Netflix APK subscribers continues to increase globally. Currently reported data has 58.5 million Netflix users in the US and 78.5 million subscribers worldwide.

And there are also some regions that Netflix does not support and need to use a VPN to use or watch movies of other countries. Although there are many competitors in the market, Netflix still has the best movie store today.

What is Netflix?

Netflix APK is ​​an online video streaming service of the US, mainly movies and TV shows, top-rated in the US, and many other countries worldwide, offering a variety of TV shows, movies, and movies. Award-winning documents and more on thousands of devices and requires an Internet connection to use. (

Netflix is ​​a world of high-quality video, fully copyrighted, and has Netflix applications for smartphones, tablets, smart TV,…

Netflix APK for android

And as long as there are an internet connection and a mobile device, users have to Enjoy digital content from Netflix easily. In particular, Netflix supports high-quality 4K video playback, giving you a better experience.

What’s cool about this app?

Netflix main content is ​​TV series and TV shows …, produced by Netflix and from other manufacturers. Netflix is ​​rapidly evolving with content-rich and exciting every day. And in 2019, Netflix made and released a total of 60 new movies.

The films produced by Netflix will be invested in both content, scripts, such as editing techniques.

Many users love Netflix because of the vast and attractive movie store such as Netflix film series, movies blockbuster, crime-detective movies, Disney movies, sci-fi movies, dramas, comedies, Korean movies, cartoons, horror films, documentaries, …

How to use Netflix on the iPhone and iPad:

  1. Open the iTunes App store
  2. Search for Netflix and install it
  3. When it’s finished installing, launch the Netflix app
  4. Select Sign In
  5. Enter account information
  6. Streaming Netflix movies are ready to be enjoyed

How to use Netflix on Android:

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Search for Netflix and install it
  3. When it’s finished installing, launch the Netflix app
  4. Select Sign In. Enter account information
  5. Streaming Netflix movies are ready to be enjoyed

Core features: Make movies better

Select the type of film you like: After that Netflix will ask you to choose three types of movies that you want. This option is used to display the recommended film categories according to the selected film.

Select text / subtitles: Users can also select text/subtitles to speak from the film or TV series being watched by pressing the icon at the video’s bottom right. Apart from subtitles, the voice of the conversation can also be changed.

MOD vip Premium:

  • Watch all video content without limits: You can immediately use this application without providing any login information. So, you can rely on this Netflix MOD Premium to satisfy your hobby is watching movies.
  • Without advertising interruption: You must feel insulted if you are enjoying watching a movie suddenly an advertisement appears. With this application, you will no longer be bothered by ads so you can watch movies in peace.
  • Can watch 4K videos: For mobile devices, 2K resolution is enough to be able to watch videos in detail and clearly. However, if the device you are using is a flagship series and has a supported internet network, you can enjoy video content up to 4k quality.

Advantages and disadvantages

Stream Video Online (Watch the program immediately)

Like rivals in the digital industry, Netflix is ​​at the forefront of digital content streaming. Netflix requires users to sign up and pay monthly fees to watch the series. Netflix Online movie.

Many good movies to watch

With Netflix, they own the highest number of videos and movies of the highest quality.

download mod Netflix premium

The best movies, movies, short series, sitcoms, cartoons,… will give you the option to watch, and the speed of watching Netflix movies is very fast and effective.

Make hard payments

Netflix has a good price and when you want to subscribe to the Neflix Premium service, you must have an international payment account: VISA, MASTER CARD …

Free trial for a month 

Netflix gives you a free first-month trial, and this is when you might be convinced by the experience that Netflix offers. High-quality content, exclusive content, relentless on ads, and very personalized experience.

No advertisements

In general, no one likes advertising when they’re watching movies or videos. That’s why people prefer Netflix over other services. You can enjoy Netflix without distraction. Users won’t be afraid to pay monthly subscription fees for this experience, which is Netflix’s core business model.

Personalized experience

Netflix always wants the best customer experience and encourages you to rate the content. Based on ratings, algorithms, Netflix will recommend content that will appeal to viewers. This way, users can discover new movies and TV shows they like better, which makes viewers love Netflix more by personalizing the user experience.


Netflix APK - MOD Premium 4K v7.70.0 on Android

Netflix MOD Premium APK on Android is ​​an online video streaming service of the US, mainly movies and TV shows, top-rated in the US, and many other countries worldwide, offering a variety of TV shows, movies

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Operating System: Android

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