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Top Features of GameLoop for Windows

Gameloop (Gaming Buddy) is considered one of the most advanced Android emulators on PC. The developers have integrated into this application several advanced functions to optimize performance. With the help of these impressive technologies, your experience with the games will undoubtedly be much better.

Configuration settings
Customizing the best

  • With games like PUBG Mobile, Call of duty mobile then you have installed the default quite well, but you can still reinstall as you like to optimize. Help increase FPS when playing.
  • Graphics level when playing games will vary depending on the configuration of the computer. If the computer has a high configuration, you will have the ability to experience better graphics.
  • Most of a lot of medium to high-end PCs should have no problem running on the HD or HDR graphics. If you have low-profile PCs such as laptops with integrated graphics, you should choose Smooth or Balanced to increase the stability.

Awesome Image
Awesome Image

Play games on a bigger computer screen

  • You will be fighting the most outstanding games today such as Free fire, PUBG mobile, Call of duty on this simulator. Just download it to your computer and install, then download the game to play immediately.
  • Playing games on the screen also helps you have better visibility and observation. For example, with shooting games, distance observation is very important and now you can control every match of the game.
  • There are screens sizes you can choose from, including 1024x576, 1280x720 and 1366x768 or you can select the full screen by pressing the F11 button, as well as select other size types.


GameLoop Emulator Gaming Buddy 7.2 free

Trending game on PC

Gameloop is a new upgraded version from Gaming Buddy developed by Gameloop Games to help people play Mobile games on PC: PUBG Mobile, Call of duty, Free fire …

Size:09 MB
OS:Windows .Exe
Date of Update: 15/08/2022
Publisher:Gameloop Team
Categories:Emulator software

GameLoop Download 7.2 – Get Emulator on Windows PC (Latest)
Gameloop: Best gaming emulator on PC 6 gameloop pubg mobile tencent

Gameloop PC 7.2.2 Update. Tutorial installs the best emulator, play PUBG Mobile on Windows, Call of duty, Free fire (Gaming) latest version beta, how to setting, key mapping

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Game

Error 98%: Turn off Windows Defender by searching for Windows Defender on the computer.

100% CPU usage:

If your CPU is still using 100%, please perform the following steps:

  1. Exit TGB
  2. Run TGB
  3. Exit TGB again
  4. Reopen and play the game

The control keys are defective

  1. Open the game and open the settings.
  2. Select Control and choose custom.
  3. Click on Reset.
  4. Click save to save.
  5. Go to the settings keyboard layout of Gameloop Gaming Buddy
  6. KeyMapping mode and Game resolution must be the same.
  7. Click Reset to reset and then select save to save, then turn off Gameloop and turn it back on.
  • 1. Click the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right corner of Gameloop
  • 2.Then click the last second option: this will take you to the setting function
  • 3. Then click on the last drop down menu and choose English, then click the left button that pops up at the bottom
  • 4. Click the green button to save, this should change the language to English

The file size when downloading is 0.9Mb.

And during the Emulator installation it will load an additional 39 MB.

And after installing it successfully, it will download PUBG Mobile + 1.5Gb, COD mobile + 1.2GB

Download Gameloop and install the game PUBG mobile.

Copy in flash drivec: \ temp \ txgameassistant \ mobilepcshared \ …. latest version.

Then paste that file in the same location as the hard drive in your PC. Connect to the internet .. Wait a few minutes.

  • 1. Open Gameloop
  • 2. Select My games
  • 3. Select the game to be updated
  • 4. Click on update
  • 5. Wait for the update to complete and press play to start playing the game.

How do I update PUBG in Tencent gaming buddy emulator (for PC)

Gameloop is developed by Tencent, the largest gaming company in the world today, so gameloop is very safe on your computer.

You should download this software on the official homepage to avoid malware, cryptocurrency mining and viruses.

It is only available on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and does not yet support Apple’s MAC OS (iMac, macbook, …)

A collection of games, you will be able to find the most popular HOT games, in addition to new games and applications updated on Gameloop. If you like, you can click and select download to automatically download.

Where you can view and manage downloaded games and applications, and in this place you can update new versions of those games or apps or uninstall them.

A feature for streamers or those who like to stream games, this feature takes video content from two main channels, Nimo and nonolive. And you can also participate in the live stream, and can become famous and make money from here with many different games like LOL, FREE FIRE, CALL OF DUTY, MOBILE LEGENDS, CS: GO … Or you You can also watch live of other people.

This program turbo aow engine Gameloop is now supported in many countries such as: India, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Philippines, Algeria, United States, Vietnamese, Thailand, korea, Japan. 

02/10/2021 UPDATE fixes the game and optimize the emulator, helping the user to have better control in PUBG or Free fire.

12/01/2022: Updating the new version, with many better changes, Gameloop emulator has changed its interface to be more modern and more accessible on the eyes, helping you to navigate well.

Also, this developer has added many new games and fixed basic bugs, and optimized performance, making the games run more stable.


  • Fix errors on games
  • Fix the Gameloop emulator error on Windows 11
  • Fix other problems.

Step 1: Select Start Menu > Select Settings > Click Apps
Step 2: Select Apps & Features and then look for the name GameLoop
Step 3: You left-click on the application > And select uninstall. So it’s done.

It is recommended to install the emulator completely. Uninstall any older version of Gameloop and click the download button from the game loop at the top of this page. Now install it and download your favorite games.

You can also use the upgrade option on the old version of the emulator, but reinstalling can fix many of your problems.

The installation process can take between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on the performance of your machine and the speed of your Internet connection. Once the emulator is installed, launch the game. It will re-download some essential files needed to launch the game.


Gameloop has many advantages in many aspects based on the functions this software brings to users.

  • Outstanding performance: With Gameloop, the games we run on PC will become much smoother even if you only use an old device.
  • Ease of operation: From the installation steps to use, few emulator software products provide easy-to-control operation functions like Gameloop. You can still customize the functional layout to your liking, but the default option is best if you are not too knowledgeable.
  • Multi-angle support: More than 1000 games with quality Livestream functions are valuable support features that Gameloop owns. With these great features, our entertainment experience will be much better.


Besides the outstanding advantages, it still suffers from some problems that I am about to list below. You should carefully consider these factors to get the most objective perspective.

  • Errors still occur: Since Android games are not initially intended for PC, and the emulator environment is just a middle ground, there is still a chance that the game crashes due to bugs during the experience. In addition, it still has some problems that make it unstable when we use it
  • Small games with little updates: If you like a game that is not popular, it will take a while for Gameloop to start updating and supporting this game.
  • The Google Play store must be separate: There is no built-in CH Play. You will have to install this application individually and then connect to the application before you can download and install the game.


Bluestack is one of the most prominent names in the field of Android emulators on other platforms like PC. With 13 years of operation with a strong staff.
Bluestack has brought users many exciting features to serve many different needs. Unlike Gameloop, Bluestack does not focus on helping a single group of any customer.


LDPlayer is one of the smallest and lightest Android emulators available on the PC platform. If you do not intend to use mobile applications too much or are simply looking for software that does not have space and requires powerful configuration, then LDPlayer is the right choice.


Despite being a relatively new name, Noxplayer’s surprising support features with applications are imposing factors. So if you are inclined to use photo editing software or social networks, Nox player is the best choice.