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Arena of Valor on PC

About the game Arena of Valor: AOV is a multiplayer online battle arena developed and published by Tencent Games. It was inspired by the popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games such as Dota and League of Legends: Wild rift and also shared similar features in these MOBA games with slight modifications to fit the game’s theme, which is based on ancient Chinese warfare using characters from their own mythology.

What is Arena of Valor?

For short, the Arena of Valor, or AoV, is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game created by Tencent Games and available on Android and iOS devices. The mobile version was released in China back in 2015 but has slowly expanded to other countries since last year.

Arena of Valor on PC 1 play game arena of valor on gameloop

In addition to this, Arena of Valor also offers many heroes from different parts of the world for players to choose from. Each hero comes with a unique set of abilities and skills that can be used in battle. These come together in what is called the “Gift” system, which allows you to unleash special powers during combat depending on your situation or playstyle!

However, what if you don’t have an android or iOS device?

Fortunately for players without a mobile phone that can run Arena of Valor, another version is available on PC.

This alternative to the Android and Apple versions works by using an emulator which allows users to play Android games on their computer! However, some emulators may not allow this game specifically (such as Bluestacks), so I will show you one below called GameLoop, which works with AoV!

The first step in playing this game is downloading the Emulator software itself; head over to GameLoop.Mobi and download it here. You will need to create your own account before continuing, but registration is free! Next, follow my video guide on how to set up the game here.

Once that is done, you can play Arena of Valor by simply downloading it from their website (linked below) and logging into your GameLoop account. There are many features available in this version, such as replays which allow players to rewatch matches they have played before!

In addition, there is a warm-up mode where beginners can practice with AI-controlled bots until they feel ready for real opponents. This is perfect if you’re new to MOBA games or a little rusty since most people will be playing against other humans online.

Pros and cons of playing Arena of Valor on PC

Listing of pros:

  • – Better graphics and sharper images on PC than mobile devices.
  • – Ability to make macros for unique combos or emotes.
  • – Easier access with keyboard and mouse rather than touchscreen controls (using Arena of Valor Emulator).
  • – Characters are larger and look more detailed when played with Emulator for Windows.

Cons of playing Arena of Valon on PC:

  • – No longer can play Arena of Valor on the go.
  • – Requires installation and configuration to get started with Arena of Valor Emulator for PC.
  • – Arena of Valor on PC can be laggy when not configured correctly or with recommended specs.
  • – Arena of Valor on PC requires a controller to play with.

Why you should play AOV for PC:

  • – Enjoy maximum graphics and stability.
  • – Play with a mouse and keyboard for better aim; control your hero much easier!
  • – Boosted frame rate allows you to play as fast as possible. There is no input lag or stuttering on the highest settings, so you can keep up with every team fight excellent.
  • – More memory space means more RAM available to enjoy smoother gameplay without lagging during those heated moments in battle! It also loads faster than mobile devices, which allows you to install games quickly, all while staying within data limits that are set by ISPs (Internet Service Providers).
  • Play Arena of Valor now: Click here! Once downloaded, follow our guide on how to download AoV from GameLoop Emulator.
  • – Play with a mouse and keyboard for better aim; control your hero much easier!
  • – Boosted frame rate allows you to play as fast as possible. There is no input lag or stuttering on the highest settings, so you can keep up with every team fight perfectly fine.

Features of the game Arena of Valor on GameLoop

Arena of Valor on PC 2 download arena of valor on pc 3

#.Highlights of the game Arena of Valor

  • – 100+ unique heroes with distinct abilities and playstyles that are easy to learn but difficult to master
  • – Intense real-time PvP clashes on the classic MOBA map, featuring familiar items, jungle camps, turrets, towers & more!
  • – Realistic graphics showcase some of your favorite fantasy characters in action like never before
  • – A fun new cast brings fresh personalities for fans of anime or traditional MOBAs alike.
  • – Unlock unique rewards by leveling up your profile and with special achievements
  • – Endless ways to customize the perfect warrior thanks to an extensive wardrobe system that allows you to collect, upgrade, and assign new outfits as you please.
  • – Experience the best of both worlds by taking control over one of your favorite characters, unleashing their unique abilities, and using custom emojis to communicate with fellow MOBA players.
  • – Enjoy all-new game modes designed for quick matches even when you’re short on time!
  • – Discover daily quests that will help speed up your leveling process so you can get into epic battles faster than ever before!
  • – Practice how to play Arena Of Valor or improve your skills in a single-player mode where AI bots are there to accompany you during practice sessions.
  • – Join or create your own guild and complete Guild Missions together to earn incredible rewards!
  • – This game is completely free to play but offers some items that can be purchased with real money.
  • – Easy to learn, difficult to master.

1.- Fight your way to victory with ease.

A MOBAs that is as intuitive to play on mobile, Trimps 3v3 takes all the best elements from classic MOBA games and perfects it for your device. Explore a three-lane map filled with crannies between towers where enemies might lurk in ambush moments after you pass by them!

Control Scheme designed specifically around touch screens means no more struggling or grappling with controls, so fast-paced battles are easy-breezy–even if there’s only one opponent at first glance, they’re going down before long thanks to these highly responsive controls.

2.- More than 100 heroes to choose from.

More and more players are buckling down to play Arena of Valor. With a growing number of legendary heroes on offer, you’re bound to find your perfect match in this game!

Explore over 100 fearless warriors, including tanks like the bruiser Amaterasu or high jumper Phoenix; assassins such as Hel Adaptive Strike 1 who can change between ranged levels with ease; mages that throw fireballs at will.

3.- A competitive MOBA that can be played anywhere.

With its tempting features, Arena of Valor is the ultimate MOBA experience. First Blood? Double kill! Triple kill!? You got it all at your fingertips (literally)!

Arena of Valor on PC 3 install arena of valor pc 2

Discover and dominate gameplay modes, including 5v5 match-ups for large battles with friends or AI bots; 1 vs. 1 where skill reigns supreme while you’re trying not to get killed by an enemy player – because let’s be honest: Who wants to lose?! And then there’s Hook Wars mode… well yeah, I think we can already tell this game will make anyone a true champion 😉

4.- Destroy towers and lanes to satisfy a thirst for blood.

Carve your way through jungles, lanes, and towers to satisfy a thirst for blood while you destroy their Cores before they can do it first! Carry allies to victory in less than 10 minutes using Tourney Mode or create your own league online now – Arena of Valor is here at last as Esport on mobile devices today!.

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