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Clash of Lords 2 PC

Step download Clash of Lords 2 PC on Windows

Clash of Lords is a city strategy and management game that will surprise the most demanding players. Even with a cliché medieval theme and childish appeal, IGG’s work is complete and can quickly provide hours of fun.

In the beginning, an interactive tutorial helps you to understand combat mechanics and build the first structures. The kingdom resources are displayed on the upper left side of the screen, and the construction menu is located at the base (“shop”).Clash of Lords 2 PC 2 clash of lords 2 pc 3

To continue the military campaign and conquer new territories, you are against the option “Attack”. On the strategic map, single-player missions are at the top, while multiplayer combat is just below.

What is Clash of Lords?

Clash of Lords 2 PC is the second version of the strategy and city management game that puts you in a medieval village. You need to develop the site with all the necessary infrastructure to provide food and materials that the population needs.

In the first 24 hours of play, a shield protects your village from enemy attacks. In the meantime, you can buy weapons and barriers that help protect your environment. Besides, you can strengthen your army with several heroes.

Clash of Lords 2 goes beyond weapons and training, with specific magic for each character – which can become increasingly powerful with the upgrades you perform. To know exactly what to do, a complete tutorial is presented initially, guiding you through all aspects of the game.

Complete missions, collect rewards to earn money and keep an eye out for your military campaign, always making attacks to finish off your enemies and show who’s boss.

Our Opinion on COL2

Clash of Lords 2 is a medieval-themed strategy and management game that lets you attack and destroy all enemy kingdoms. Its style is quite common, following the same aspects already seen in the app’s first edition.

Clash of Lords 2 is set in medieval times, where land is divided into many small territories, headed by lords – Lord. Players will build armies and confront each other to build their occupation in Clash of Lords 2.

COL2 is a perfect combination of MMOs with RTS that gives gamers the variety of commanding an army to plunder surrounding villages, develop defense systems, and increase strength. To your own city.

You will have to complete quests to receive rewards and build a barracks with your own style in the game. And if you’ve ever played MMOs like Zynga’s Dojo Mojo or Clash of Clans, one of Supercell’s hottest tactics today, players will easily manipulate immediately with Clash of Lords 2.

Similar to other strategy games, Clash of Lords 2 is divided into two parts; the first is defense, and the second is attack. The defensive aspect of the game is manifested in the way players build their bases. You have to build a sturdy turret system at this base, just design civilian buildings to nurture and train mighty troops.

1. Quality graphics

Visually, the Clash of Lords 2 appeals – just like its predecessor. The game has beautiful looks, well-developed characters, impressive visual effects, and high-resolution images.

Also, it offers an incredible zoom to view aspects of your village in more detail. The soundtrack is predictable for the theme, but it pleases a lot, perfectly matching the game interface.Clash of Lords 2 PC 3 clash of lords 2 pc 2

Clash of Lords 2 has eye-catching, smooth 3D graphics, vibrant colors, and vivid sound that will surely make you fall in love from the very first minutes. Characters, background scenes, fighting images are depicted in a cartoon style, quite funny but no less authentic and attractive.

2. Style doesn’t impress.

Clash of Lords 2 does not bring much news for those who already know the first game, which can be quite disappointing for those who expected a significant evolution. However, it cannot be put as a bad game.

Its popular style explores little medieval themes already beaten, without abusing the world of fantasy as it could to become more attractive. But still, you have a strategy game with several aspects for you to solve.

There is nothing innovative, but having an application with the technical quality and many possibilities for evolution is always interesting. If you like style games, Clash of Lords 2 is worth a try.

On-duty strategists and gamers who like to manage medieval cities will spend many hours having fun in Clash of Lords. The IGG title offers dozens of management options, but it has a military focus that facilitates online conquest and battles.

3. Peace and war

The first feature in the title is the extraordinarily intuitive and unpolluted interface, ensuring that most of the display is used to view the scene. The management screens are also lean and have self-explanatory icons, ensuring that even people who don’t speak English can understand the commands.

The possibility of fighting against other players in multiplayer mode adds many points to the app, as gambling is always more fun and stimulating when your friends are involved.

The initial large amount of resources with which each kingdom begins is another essential element. It allows gamers to develop their cities and armies without resorting to microtransactions at first.

4. Charming

In terms of graphics, the Clash of Lords Emulator will appeal to both casual and hardcore players. The drawing style is childish, but the images’ quality is surprising, and the animations are very smooth and beautiful. The scenery also draws attention to the vivid colors, consolidating a pleasant and immersive environment.

The sound effects that pack the game are soft and relaxing in moments of peace, but the game knows how to stir up the mood during the fighting. All touches and actions are also represented consistently, improving gameplay.

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Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Game

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