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Clash Royale on PC: Great war between kings

Clash of Clans (CoC) has had great success in the entertainment market. Subsequently, Supercell decided to launch a new version of the strategy card game. This game has similar gameplay Clash of Clans and it is called Clash Royale for iOS.

New strategy game of Supercell

Download Clash Royale game for free on Gameloop to participate in the exciting arena, multiplayer battles in real time and with the arrival of Royales – the favorite character type in CoC.


There is no denying that when coming to Clash Royale for iOS, the player’s task is to collect and upgrade a lot of cards belonging to the army in Clash of Clans, the spells and defensive forces that you have known and loved when you played CoC before. In addition, there are Royale characters like princess, knight, baby dragon and many other familiar names.download clash royale on pc

There is no denying that when coming to Clash Royale for iOS, the player’s task is to collect and upgrade a lot of cards belonging to the army in Clash of Clans.


In fact, the objective of tactical battles in Clash Royale is to destroy the enemy king and princess. Besides, you need to destroy the enemy tower and base construction to win the gold cup, crown and more importantly be honored in the majestic Clash Royale arena.


In addition to real-time tactical battles, Clash Royale players also have to form a new clan to share magic cards as well as build their own community to get ready for new battles.

The good point of this new game

 Therefore, it is not surprising that this game quickly ranked in the top rankings of the most downloaded outstanding games.

It is true to say that when Clash Royale was born, it brought a whole new dimension to the strategy game series in real time. Now, each player will own a defense area with 3 defensive towers and a squad consisting of 8 cards. This requires players to cleverly calculate tactics so that the generals move within 2 lanes to attack the enemy.

Only after a short time of launch, Clash Royale has been enthusiastically responded by many gamers, even the most demanding players.


In about 3 minutes time, if you destroy the middle tower then you will be considered to win. When you join Clash Royale, you will have the opportunity to meet the familiar characters in Clash of Clans. In addition, there are new characters such as Princess, Knights or Baby Dragon, etc.The player will build a Battle Deck by himself, including cards, crafts, etc. to join the battle. The game also allows you to create clans and share your cards with other members.

The main feature of game

Pair with real players from many countries around the world. You and they fight together in real time and steal gold trophies from enemies.Clash Royale on PC with gameloop

  1. Collect chests to unlock rewards, recruit powerful new cards and upgrade your entire strategy card.
  2. Destroy the enemy’s tower defense system and win the crown to summon the chest containing the crown.
  3. Build and upgrade cards with high-speed characters and many other powerful Clash of Clans forces, spells and defenses.
  4. Build optimal cards and logical stances to take down all enemies.
  5. Win in every arena so you are always the leading empire.
  6. Build new clans to share cards and form a powerful fighting force.
  7. Challenge clan members and friends in competitive matches.
  8. Hone in on new strategies when watching matches on TV Royale.

In addition to the regular 1v1 game mode, Clash Royale has added a 2v2 multiplayer mode. With this mode, you can invite a friend, guild member or other random player online.

You can build clans to share and create your own battle community. In particular, you can challenge clan members and friends with secret fighting levels. In addition, you can learn the tactics of fighting by watching excellent performances on TV Royale.


In terms of graphics, although this empire strategy game is a back product that changes the gameplay, Clash Royale also has similarities with Clash of Clans. In other words, the graphics in Clash Royale are simulated almost similar to Clash of Clans, from the interface to the game context.

However, the game is still highly appreciated by the gaming community for its harmonious, eye-catching design and no discomfort when experiencing for a long time.

Some good points of Clash Royale

A review of Clash Royale, the game takes place entirely similar to Clash of Clans, where players are reunited with units such as Barbarian, Goblin, Dragon, P.E.K.K.A and countless other familiar things. However, the gameplay of this new strategy game has a completely different style. Clash Royale combines elements of defense, tactics and cards.


While it is possible to see the combination of the usual card elements in turn-based games, the battles in this game are real-time. Therefore, every action in this game requires extremely fast reading skills and high reaction speed. Units in the game also have the opportunity to upgrade the length of the battlefield, enhance the strength to confront good players.


More specifically, this is a focused online game, giving the gaming community the opportunity to directly compete with each other in real time. So if gathered a large number of players, Clash Royale absolutely has the opportunity to reach the reach of the popular online games on Mobile in the future.download clash royale on pcdownload clash royale gameloop

Important note:

  • Clash Royale is free, but some in-game items require players to pay to be used. You can disable this feature in the device settings.
  • Clash Royale requires an Internet connection to experience.
  • If you are in an area not on the list of supported countries at the time the game is available on Google Play, the suggested price of diamonds in the game will vary slightly. However, the Clash Royale development team will quickly adjust this feature in the game’s update in March.
  • Clash Royale is an independent game with Clash of Clans. This is not version 2 of this game.
  • The game has supported Vietnam.

As a tradition of Supercell, Clash Royale, although officially available on Google Play, is still in the testing phase in Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland. and New Zealand.

According to the explanation from the publisher, this is to help game developers directly test the stability.


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