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RPG, which stands for Role-Playing Games, is a turn-based or real-time fighting role-playing game and also the most popular genre on the game market today.

RPG has many variants such as MMORPG with MMO is Multi Massive Online – online multiplayer game or when combined with action action content – constitutes ARPG genre.

To understand what an RPG game is, you need to know the story of the game. The attraction of the game is not only in the gameplay system, graphics, characters but also in the story.

A good game cannot have a bad story. And of course, not every game has a good story and interesting. However, the game for the RPG role-playing series is in addition to the above factors, the story of it needs to have more depth.

23rd January, 2020

AFK Arena on PC: Game Explore and save the world

1. Open GameLoop and enter the name of the game "AFK" into the searching box 2. Press Enter and Select “AFK” game on the screen​ 3. Press the Download button to download the "AFK" game to the emulator​ 4. When the download is complete, press the Play button to open...

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21st January, 2020

Lords Mobile on PC: Discover magical lands Game

Lords Mobile is a real-time strategy game. It is a combination of building an empire and fighting your own way to victory. Your mission in the game is to fight against everyone who stands in your way, along with dominate and control the world. Aside from that, the beautiful HD...

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