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how to download game for feace on pc gameloop china

Game for Peace: Version China

Steps to download Game for Peace on Windows

Game for Peace (PUBG mobile china) is a survival game for mobile phones that is storming in the Global gaming community. With a beautiful graphical interface, impressive survival gameplay, a large number of interactive players, and many other elements of weapons, guns, and other attractive ammunition, PUBG has been attracting participation. of the majority of gamers.


Among the PUBG versions, the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile has been updated to 0.8.1 with the addition and update of many new features including maps, weapons, background sound, speed, etc. Craft fun entertainment experience. If you want to know how to download and download the Game for Peace China game APK for Android, iOS as well as computers, PC Windows, laptops, please take some time to track the details in the article below!


Because seeing the potential popularity of the concept of this game continues to increase, eventually many versions of cloning, or similar to the PUBG concept  that is scattered on the Google Play Store. For that,  Tencent the biggest game company in China, in collaboration with Bluehole Studio as a PUBG game developer on PC. In early 2018, released 2 PUBG Games for mobile users, specifically for Chinese servers. 


This Game for Peace (test) game also has 2 versions, namely the Quantum and Timi versions. Both were developed with different developers, but still together, under the auspices of Tencent as the publisher for the Chinese version. Starting with this article, for now the Chinese version of the Game for Peace game is still in the Open Beta stage, so there may still be a lot of bugs and instability in the game. In the future along with developments, there may be a Global version of the release, so we’ll wait for the update later.


Although, it is only intended for Chinese players, players all over the world, especially for Indonesian players, can play this PUBG Mobile game, on mobile or computer via the Emulator channel. In this article tips, I will share tips on how to play this PUBG Mobile China Version game on your PC or laptop. Here let’s look further:

Note: downloading and playing version Chinese

If you use the Android operating system, you will receive an APK file, you just need to install and play. If you use an iOS-enabled device, you will be taken to itune to download the game. Of course you will have to log in to be able to play this game.


When playing PUBG China you need to pay attention to the characteristics of QQ and Wechat accounts. According to the supplier said that for a while not logged into the game, the account will lock itself. If you want to maintain an account, you will need to log in regularly to the game. 

New feature on GFP

Besides you can play the game and update the game earlier than the other versions. PUBG in this domestic version also has some interesting points:
Data transfer speed is better than other versions. This is the biggest advantage of this PUBG version. Because the server in the Chinese version supports both International and domestic.


In addition, the Game for Peace game battle royale already supports setting 60 FPS (Frame Rate Per Second), a high Frame Rate for this type of shooting game is really needed, so that the gameplay is felt to be more responsive.


But to be able to high frame rates, PC Desktop or Laptop that you have must be ready in terms of specifications, for example 4 Core 4GB RAM processor and do not forget the hard drive must also be fast, which is a minimum speed of 7200RPM. But if not qualified, at least you should try. 

There is a emulator version of Tencent

Not only the Mobile version, but now players can download Game for Peace Chinese emulator to experience. At this time, players on the phone can also enjoy this fascinating shooter through the emulation software.


You surely know this one emulator …. like a tencent gaming buddy emulator, which is now widely used to play pubg mobile on its emulator. But because it continues to develop version to its emulator version, now it can play various types of other android games. But this is the Chinese version, which is open to international ones, so the main language of the display and Chinese language, but there are some games that can be changed into English.

1. How to Unlock 60 FPS

This method does not need to use another application, because PUBG Mobile already supports 60 FPS

  1. Open the Game for Peace china emulator, on the main emulator menu click on the three line icon, then select Settings.Game for Peace: Version China 1 game for feace emulator
  2. On the Settings menu, select Engine , then here change the  Processor to 4 Cores, and Memory (RAM)  to 2GB, the rest are free to set as you wish, click Save.

Log in with your WeChat accountWeChat account game for feace

Translation of menus and options from PUBG version China

menu game for feacemenu setting game for feace chineseWhat is Game for Peace Tencent

Game for Peace (GFP) is a Battle Royale, a third person shooter where each player is left to fend for themselves. Parachuted on an island emptied of its inhabitants but not of its infrastructures, you will have to eliminate the 99 other participants, by collecting the weapons and vehicles which populate the place, by hiding, by setting traps and by being on the lookout for slightest change.


Game For Peace was developed by Unreal Engine 4 – one of the most modern game engines today to bring true images of the battlefield with ballistic weapons, vehicles … A hundred players on one The battlefield is the key point of Game For Peace.


Players must go through scouting, cooperation, tactical assignment, and rescue to achieve the ultimate victory. In Game For Peace, the tactical element will be the highest priority, players need to base on the terrain structure, regional changes, the actual situation of the opposing teams to make tactical adjustments. reasonable.

Update Game for Peace (和平精英) v1.8.10 – 06/16/2020

[Update version content]


1. New Erangel island map upgraded to version 2.0:


2. Altogether new visual performance: sky, ground, sea, vegetation, etc. are fully updated, making images more realistic and refined;


3. Adjusting the appearance of buildings: the structure of some buildings has been renewed.


4. Adjust the major resource points:


5. Nuclear power plant area: nuclear power plant area has reworked, building structure layout updated.


6. Harvesting area: optimize terrain structure, adjust construction layout, add seven large warehouses, increase landing points for you to skydive.


7. Prison area: the terrain structure is adjusted, adding more surrounding walls and the layout of some buildings is changed, giving you more new options;


8. Adjust other resources: Add some new areas, secret areas


9. New map elements: new vehicles, old tanks, and bunkers have added to enhance the atmosphere of war on the island, while also making tactical zones richer;


10. Changing building structure: adjusting the design of some urban areas, optimizing attack and defense experience, and adding basements in some buildings, and needing to use weapons to destroy wooden doors to access;


11. Add upgrade details and new upgrade combat experience.


12. Added a new ultra-high image quality option: only open for select high-end models, and will be opened in turn according to model performance after stable operation;


13. New armed vehicles: UAZ jeep, Dacia car, a Buggy car with a gun, pickup truck with added guns.


14. New heavy-duty firearms: AT4-A laser track missile, M202 quadruple missile launcher;


15. New props: UAV control equipment, personal radar, explosion-proof clothing;


Note: Payload mode will not be plus towards the rankings.

Download now the latest version of Game for Peace, also known as PUBG mobile China PC on Gameloop, at https://gamehoy.com/!

Game for Peace PC - PUBG China on Windows (Download)
Game for Peace: Version China 2 game for feace china 1

Game for Peace on PC. How to download and play Chinese GFP 1.8.10 for emulator Gameloop on your computer and register, login Wechat account, QQ Tencent

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Game

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