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How to Use Gameloop. Guide setting the best

Known as Gameloop Gaming Buddy, this platform is a collaboration with Gameloop to bring their flagship mobile games to be played on a computer or laptop for those who feel uncomfortable playing on a smartphone.

The advantage of using Gameloop over emulators in general like Bluestack is much better support. Not only the controls are more comfortable, but also a lightweight performance that will provide a better playing experience.

How to use it is also easy, you just download it from the official page that Gameloop provides and then install it. Then you just choose which games you want to play such as Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor and others.

Just like games in general, how well the game runs will also depend on how strong the device is used, in this case your laptop or computer. Therefore, you can also adjust the graphic quality through this Gameloop Gaming Buddy.

1. How to set Gameloop to run more optimally

  1. Run the Gameloop application on your laptop or computer
  2. Press the line icon three in the upper right corner
  3. Then select the Engine menu
  4. On the next page, you can adjust how much performance you want to use
  5. If so, then you just press the Save button to save the new settings

setting for gameloop

So that the game runs optimally, you should set it according to the capacity possessed by the specifications of the laptop or computer used.

The Rendering category is the type of API (Application Programming Interfaces) that you want to use. For this part, Smart Mode is the best because it will adjust to the game that will be run. Also, activate Prioritize Dedicated GPU for those of you who have an additional graphics card, but leave it alone if you use an integrated graphics card such as Intel HD.fix lag on gameloop tencent

The Anti-Aliasing feature will make graphics smoother with the consequence that the performance load required is heavier the higher the level of Anti-Aliasing selected. For the Memory section , bigger is actually better, but in my opinion 2048MB (2GB) is enough.

Next on the CPU , adjust to the type of processor you have and not to excess. If you use a Dual Core processor, then the maximum you can choose 2 only.

As for the resolution, the safest is a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels only, especially for laptop users. That way GPU performance will not be too heavy and can be allocated for other needs.

2. Turn on CPU Virtualization

This technology works so that the processor can run various virtual applications smoothly, especially this emulator. You can activate virtualization through the BIOS and select the Advance menu, then search for and activate the Virtualization Technology option.

3. VGA Driver Update

Make sure you have updated the VGA driver to the latest version to get the latest features and performance optimization. For Nvidia, please download via the website, and for those of you who are using AMD VGA, please see How to Update AMD Adrenaline 2020 VGA Driver

4. How to Uninstall game, apps

  • 1. Press the Windows button or click the search button on Windows and enter gameloop
  • 2. Right-click Gameloop> Select Uninstall

5. Setting Keyboard (KeyMaping)

  • 1. Use smart mode: First open the PUBG Mobile game, then enter training mode. We will do the KeyMapping settings from there. Press the keyboard button on the right bar.Game loop setting for Low End PCIn the KeyMapping Mode option> select Smart mode> adjust the resolution with your monitor resolution.In the Display key mapping option, leave the tips checked first, then after all settings are finished, then check off.

    This smart mode has many advantages compared to normal mode. If you use smart mode, you can change the layout of the buttons according to the layout in the game. So one smart key can be used several times in different layouts. Later you will understand yourself.

  • 2. Set the button configuration or layoutThe default button layout of the GAMELOOP Gaming Buddy emulator is actually pretty good, we only need to change a few buttons to be able to play more swiftly.How To Setting KeyMapping for PUBG MobileYou can follow the button layout according to the picture below.

    The buttons that are not needed can be deleted by pressing the cross on it. You need to first delete the number buttons above the healing items (first aid, pain killer, etc.) and throwable weapons (grenades, smoke, etc.).

    For healing items we can use just one button, namely H.

    For throwable weapons we use the G key or alternatively can use the number 4.

    Auto run changes to the Tab key and to open the bag changes to the Capslock key.

    Shooting mode changes to CTRL. Shooting mode is useful for switching from pointer mode (display crusor) and shooting mode.

    The buttons above are the most commonly used, so as much as possible we set it to still within the reach of the fingers of the left hand without having to remove asdw. The goal is that our movements can be very agile.

    To select items in healing items and throwable weapons we can do it using pointer mode (press CTRL). This method is much faster and easier than using numbers such as the default setting of the Gameloop Gaming Buddy emulator.

    3. Activate the Quick Scope Switch
    For those of you who like to carry multiple scopes for one shotgun, the Quick Scope Switch mode will be very useful. We can change the scope of the rifle without having to open the bag.

    The trick is to activate the Quick Scope Switch from the Settings menu> Scope> Quick Scope Switch> Enable . Fix KeyBoard and Mouse Not Working In The scope icon will appear on the game screen, now we can use the V button to quickly change the scope.keyboard gameloop

    But you have to remember, when you press this V button we will automatically enter pointer mode, so you have to click on the scope you want to choose then you can shoot.

    If the V button is pressed accidentally it can sometimes be confused because at that time we will get out of shooting mode so that it cannot shoot.

  • 4. Activate Peek & Fire and Peek & Open Scope:Peeking or tilting the body in PUBG Mobile is one of the very useful movements when dealing with enemies. We can shoot while taking cover behind trees or lurking enemies from behind rocks without being caught by peeking.

    But by default this mode is not active, so we need to activate it first. The way to go to Settings> Enable Peek & Fire and Peek & Open Scope.key mapping gameloop


    + Peek & Fire: leaning movements
    + Peek & Open Scope: body tilt movement while opening scope
    To configure the button, leave it by default, the Q key to tilt left and the E key to tilt right.

  • 5. Setting sensitivity according to playing style:The final step is to adjust mouse sensitivity. Especially for this sensitivity there is actually no standard, you can adjust it according to your playing style.I myself prefer the agile settings because I love to play riot, so it requires movement and aiming that is a bit wild.

    I have done experiments to find the most delicious PUBG Mobile sensitivity settings, the following are the sensitivity settings that I use. I think this is the most appropriate, you can try it yourself.

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