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How To Use TikTok? A Step-By-Step Guide For Newbies 1 how to use tiktok 1

How To Use TikTok? A Step-By-Step Guide For Newbies

How to use TikTok? In the full article below, I will give some of the basic guidelines so that newcomers can approach and use this app effectively.

Tiktok is a new social networking platform that attracts a lot of users around the world, especially young people. It is one of the points that help your business build its brand and reach out closer to its public.

Therefore, to help people, especially marketers, can do their jobs well. How to use TikTok? Check out the article below to get the guideline.

How To Use TikTok?

1/ Set up

First, you need to know the answer to the question. What do I need to know before using TikTok?

The critical step is to prepare a personal or business account on this social networking platform. However, visit the Appstore or CH Play to download the Tiktok app before you start.

If you want to use Tiktok on PC then download Gameloop.

How To Use TikTok? A Step-By-Step Guide For Newbies 2 how to use tiktok 3

Next, open the application and register your account, which can be available through Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. If you do not use three platforms above, you can also create an account with a username and password.

Then, click the icon at the bottom right to create and edit your profile.

2/ Make videos

Step 1: Prepare your video.

You need to choose to open the camera mode on the app. You can select the camera orientation depending on your preference and desired angle of view.

Features like Flip are at the top right. You can also use the following tools:

  • Speed: Help you to adjust the speed of your video, slow or fast.
  • Beauty: Use AR filters to help you beautify your face, such as smoothing skin and concealing blemishes.
  • Filters: You can use it to adjust the camera’s color filters.
  • Timer: Help you set a countdown timer to record automatically when recording movies.
  • Flash: On, off, or custom defaults for you

Step 2: Set up Music and Effects

Next, set up sounds and effects for your recorded content by selecting “Add Sound” in the top center. You need to click here to choose a sound product or background music that matches the content.

Tiktok is known for having an inventory of Effects with AR filters that you can find in the bottom left. It provides a lot of filters and effects to beautify you and your surroundings.

At the same time, the black bottom bar is where you can set the time for the video or choose to build content according to the available templates.

Step 3: Record a video

When everything is ready, you perform the recording by pressing and holding the red record button. It allows you to record each part or just one shot.

Step 4: Final edit and add annotations.

Once you’re done shooting, make final edits like adding music overlays, filters and effects, stickers, and text. If you continue to select “Next”, it will take you to a page similar to Instagram’s posts page.

If you’re not ready, you can click Drafts to save the video for the following content creation.

3/ Use TikTok effects

How To Use TikTok? A Step-By-Step Guide For Newbies 3 how to use tiktok 2

Duet with other users.

If you come across a song you love, you can get involved in the creation or continue to the piece of content. Tiktok made the Duet video feature for you.

Steps include pressing “Share” to see sharing options on the video you want to duet, then selecting “Duet.” Your camera will then appear next to the existing video. Here you can show off and create the following content you want.

Participate in a challenge.

The hashtag # is the hallmark of every contest or challenge created by brands is the hashtag #. However, you will have a hard time finding a winner in a TikTok challenge. But when using hashtags, you can get more followers or views.

4/ Engaging with Users

View the video

You need to open the Tiktok application, and a diverse video store is ready to show you anytime. Also, you can follow users to update their content or watch related videos thanks to the personalization of this platform.

Like, comment, or share videos you enjoy.

At each video you watch, you can like, comment, or share the content if you are interested in them. You can even swipe the left screen to see more user content.

5/ Search for videos.

It would help if you tapped on the 2nd tab and the search bar to type the account name, content, or hashtag you want to find out.

6/ Follow users

In addition to going to the user’s profile and clicking follow, you can do this right on their video by clicking the + sign under the thumbnail in the right corner.

Common Editing Features

1/ Green screen tool

This effect allows you to go anywhere in the world via the Effects button to the left of the record button. At the same time, Tiktok offers many different styles.

2/ Duets

It allows you to duet with other users via the Share button and select Duet. Yet, not all users enable this feature for their videos.

3/ Text

Tiktok is a fast platform, so adding text will provide a lot of information that users want to their audience. You can also use different effects with the text.

4/ Cloning

This platform always updates and changes new effects and features according to trends. You can find them in the Explore tab to find out what’s trending.


The article has shown the steps for how to use Tiktok in the most basic way.

If you want to become an expert on this social network, practice and make videos every day. Your video can trend and get a lot of public attention.

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