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29th September, 2021

Pokemon Unite on PC

1. Open GameLoop and enter the name of the game "Pokemon Unite" into the searching box 2. Press Enter and Select “Pokemon Unite PC” game on the screen 3. Press the Download button to download the "Pokemon Unite" game to the emulator 4. When the download is complete, press the...

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28th July, 2021

Chess rush on PC

Tencent's newest game, Chess Rush PC, is a real-time strategic duel that has captured the hearts of many gamers. For those who don't know what Auto Chess and Dota are: these terms refer to games in which players take turns selecting units from an initially randomized pool until one player's...

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2nd March, 2021

Internet Cafe Simulator PC

Steps to download Internet Cafe game for your computer Imagine a game that combines performing tasks to achieve a goal with a dark look? That's the idea when downloading Internet Cafe Simulator APK. This Android game simulates building a cafe with computers and internet access. What is Internet Cafe Simulator?...

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26th February, 2021

PUBG: New State on PC

Play PUBG: New State PC emulator on PCThe official information from PUBG Corp's official developer is that they will be releasing PUBG: New State PC game, and it will be a mobile battle Royale game like PUBG Mobile, Free fire, or Call of duty mobile. And it will develop independently,...

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9th January, 2021

Clash of Lords 2 PC

Step download Clash of Lords 2 PC on Windows Clash of Lords is a city strategy and management game that will surprise the most demanding players. Even with a cliché medieval theme and childish appeal, IGG's work is complete and can quickly provide hours of fun. In the beginning, an...

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18th December, 2020

Archero PC: Archer Heroes

1. Open GameLoop and enter the name of the game "Archero" into the searching box 2. Press Enter and Select “ArChero” game on the screen​ 3. Press the Download button to download the "ARChero" game to the emulator​ 4. When the download is complete, press the Play button to open...

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27th May, 2020

Game for Peace: Version China

1. Download the Game for Peace version of the game, here 2. Then open the file and install it on your computer 3. Open the emulator and the software will auto download the game 4. Then choose to open the game and you choose the logo wechat login Steps to...

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4th May, 2020

How to turn on VT / Virtualization Technology on Gameloop, speed up

What is Virtualization Technology (VT)?The Virtualization Technology on computers is simply the process of creating multiple independent virtual machines from a single physical machine. These virtual machines use the same resources from the physical machine (CPU, RAM, ROM, ..) And each of them operate independently as a real physical machine so...

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3rd May, 2020

Mafia City

Steps to download Mafia city on Windows Mafia City is a street action game with quite simple gameplay instead of the risky missions in Grand Theft Auto . Saying that does not mean that Mafia City is not attractive, it still has its own highlights instead of the outstanding features...

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30th April, 2020

Quick fix Lag for Gameloop: The best way to fix errors

You are using GameLoop, but there is lag, Loading 98%, Audio Flicker, CPU Usage 100%, Failed To Start The Emulator And Engine, Without Google Installer, Here is how to fix the error for you. GameLoop is a simulation software that many people choose to play on the computer emulator, and...

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