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Omega Legends on PC

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Perhaps the name Omega Legends PC sounds familiar to many since it is a game that has had certain fame for a few months.

The game has just come out of its beta phase to be released globally, and that is why we decided to make a post showing all the potential of this new Battle Royale for mobile.

Overview of IGG battle royale game

The creators of Lords Mobile introduced Omega Legends, an exciting battle royale for Android that combines all of the genre’s best features.

Joins the genre of battle royale shooter with Omega Legends, a free-to-play title that brings together the best of the genre’s feature to offer us an exciting cocktail that will please all fans type of mobile game.

Omega Legends for PC with GameLoop

The basis of Omega Lengeds on GameLoop is that of a full- scale battle royale, facing up to 60 players on an island with different locations and the most varied areas. This island is medium in size and has well-differentiated places to give variety to each game, exploring different corners of the map in each encounter.

As is usual in games of this style, players will launch from a kind of plane towards the battlefield with a parachute’s help, landing on the chosen part of the map.

From there, you will have to equip themselves with weapons, objects healing, defenses, and face other players. At the same time, they run towards a safe zone, avoiding different areas on which projectiles fall to avoid the dreaded “campers”.

As always, the team or the player who manages to survive in the game will be the winner of the game and will be able to proclaim himself as the champion of the battle royale as the only player standing on the island to enjoy a rich reward in the form of experience points. As it is a beta by invitation, the usual thing at this time is that we come across quite a few bots.

Gameplay of the game near future

download Omega Legends on laptop


Omega Legends is a Cartoon- style Battle Royale based on the system of heroes with abilities. There are various characters to choose from, each with unique skills of its kind, and depending on how you use them, they will be a deciding factor in each game. There are 3 categories Defender, Support, and ADS; with this, you will have your role when playing Sole or in a team.


The map is of legally acceptable size; its locations are simple but fit perfectly with the game’s aesthetics and playability—buildings of various sizes but quite accessible to loot or have confrontations.


The graphics are not a big deal since it is designed to run on a wide range of devices, but this does not mean that it looks terrible; on the contrary, the game looks quite good thanks to your animated style, which makes the section graphic is not the most relevant.


The fights will be decided by many factors, be it equipment, skill, and how you use your skills. Regardless, it is a game that requires using your head to win most of the time. In the game, we will find both real players and bots, but over time the more we advance and play, the number of bots in the games will decrease.

The game is quite fun, but there are many bugs both in the gameplay or visuals that must be fixed. An example would be the “freezing” of the character animations on some occasions. But still, the game has a promising future ahead of it if the community continues to show their support.

The strengths of game are compared to another battle royale

One of the most successful points of Omega Legends is its controls, with quite comfortable touch buttons that allow us to see everything that happens and to be able to locate our enemies quickly. Thanks to its optimized radar, players can see where they are being shot from directly in the center of the screen, not looking at the map at the top (like other games of the same genre).

The radar also provides the enemy’s distance using intense colors; the more robust the color, the closer the enemy is; thus, players can know the opponents’ positions without putting the helmets to hear the shots.

An interesting detail is that we cannot bend down or lie down like in PUBG Mobile type games, which makes the game’s pace faster and more frantic, less slow than another battle royale. Also, except for the Franks’ precision rifles, the rest of the weapons do not have a scope sight, which favors more dynamic firefights.

At the moment, it does not have vehicles, such as cars or boats, but they will arrive later.

IGG is very aware of the importance of reaching a wide range of Android mobile phones and is committed to offering us graphics that even the most humble phones can move with solvency. Still, suppose we have an advanced device.

In that case, we can always improve their appearance. It offers us Several options in this sense, with an image quality that can rival and even surpass another mobile battle royale; for example, the characters’ modeling is better than that of Free Fire.

At the sound level, it stands out both in its soundtrack and in the different audios of the weapons or the spatial location of the sounds of everything that happens during combat. However, they still need some adjustments and improvements.

Improvements, content, Battle Pass …

Omega Legends also has other typical features of free to play of this style. Such as a Battle Pass divided into two modalities: one free and one paid that allows us to unlock aspects for weapons and earn coins to invest in heroes or other objects in the game …

To win coins, improvements, or other content in the form of skins or Legends, we can also overcome different missions or challenges, each with its rewards. Another exciting aspect in which they delve far above other similar titles is a complete system of guilds or clans that will allow us to join forces with other players from our area or other parts of the world.

Great possibilities

In short, Omega Legends is a battle royale with many possibilities that can become one of the most played within its genre, combining the proposals of other titles in an exciting cocktail that can attract all fans of battle royale.

The preregistration on Google Play and iOS is now available in many Latin American countries, and Mexico will open a little later, along with North America. When it is officially released, scheduled for this July, it will be translated into Spanish.

Omega Legends PC - Download game IGG v1.0.37 on Windows
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