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PUBG: New State on PC

Play PUBG: New State PC emulator on PC

The official information from PUBG Corp’s official developer is that they will be releasing PUBG: New State PC game, and it will be a mobile battle Royale game like PUBG Mobile, Free fire, or Call of duty mobile. And it will develop independently, not related to Tencent games.

With this release, it is introduced that it will compete with other games in the same genre, and also it has more exciting features, nice graphics, and creative game modes.

With this release, it is introduced that it will compete with other games in the same genre, and also it has more exciting features, nice graphics, and creative game modes.

What is PUBG: New State?

PUBG: New State Mobile is a game developed by PUBG Corp (They are the team that created PUBG PC), and now it is developed by KRAFTON, Inc. released and allowed players to pre-register on both Android and iOS platforms.

What does PUBG: New State have? That is, the graphics are incredibly realistic, one thing that today’s games choose.PUBG: New State on PC 2 pubg mobile new state pc emulator 3

Next is the game mode will have many new features, you will be able to shoot guns, fight with your friends, and in the process of fighting, you can also create, use in-game items to be able to stop, destroy your opponent and survive better.

The map in this game also has a vast variation; that is, it will have a wide size and variety of terrain and vehicles.

It will be one of the battle royale games that people are most interested in today because it has better action gameplay and game modes. According to the developer, this game will have 100 players together on 1 map. And will fight on a large island, full of different weapons and items to use.

New State Edition features

1. Fight with 99 others to win

At the beginning of the game, there will be a plane that takes everyone to an island, and to escape from here, you need to be the only survivor, and to do that, you spend Destroy all opponents.PUBG: New State on PC 3 pubg mobile new state pc emulator 1

It will be very difficult to survive on this battlefield; besides good skill, you need the luck to win. If you are a newbie to the game, then chances are you will meet good opponents.

And on the map will appear abandoned buildings, warehouses, and factories, and many different buildings. And please pay attention to Weapons, as they will appear in other areas. So quickly collect a lot after parachuting to the ground.

3. Pay attention to the rules

With a fast-paced action game like PUBG State New PC. Then the rules, the mechanics of the game will be straightforward and easy to understand. Your main goal is to attack all enemies, defeat them and survive to win.

Also, pay attention to the Circle of Death, it will continuously shrink after a certain amount of time and run inside the circle, and when the circle is smaller, it will cause significant damage. More, if you lose blood = 0, then you will die.

4. Many types of weapons and Gear, Vehicles

On playing the PUBG New State game, you will find yourself discovering dozens of different weapons and equipment, and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages.PUBG: New State on PC 4 pubg mobile new state pc emulator 4

You can choose the weapons you want and are suitable for the combat situation, such as the enemies you see nearby; you should use assault rifles or shotguns instead of Sniper. Or, if you see an enemy hiding nearby, you can use an explosive grenade.

One of the PUBG Mobile New State game attractions is that gamers will use various vehicles and means of transport such as Moto, Cars, Helicopters, or boats. Besides, it also allows you to use Drones.

5. More realistic graphics with Global Illumination technology

You will be surprised to see a Battle Royale game with realistic and smooth graphics on mobile like PUBG NEW State. It also has smooth graphics, but it has fantastic visual effects that will take warriors into battle and action to new heights.

And if you are worried about your mobile phone not being able to run the game, the game has been designed to accommodate today’s devices.

6. The future game, allowing customization of weapons

An unexpected feature of this game is that it will give you the use of many weapons and support tools, and a feature that is being noticed by a lot of people is that the game will let you change and upgrade—and customized weapon combat.

Because of the future setting, the competition will also have modern graphics, and many other related details will be upgraded to a higher level than the current PUBG version.

#. Questions and answers for the game

  1. Will the game be available on a Windows PC? Currently, the developer has just announced the version for Android and iOS platforms; if you want to play on a PC, you must use emulator software.
  2. Who is the developer and publisher of PUBG New State? PUBG New State is developed by South Korea’s PUBG Corp and developed by KRAFTON, Inc., released on Android / IOS platforms.
  3. In which countries is this game released? This game information will be released globally in the US, UK, Vietnam, India, Indonesia … and English. But it will support more languages in subsequent versions.
  4. Time will this game be officially released? Currently, the game only allows players to pre-register, and the time the game is released is not available. However, the company says it will launch the game in 2021.
  5. PUBG MOBILE New State started to open Alpha Test on June 13, 2021: the game has an entirely new map and new weapons, upgraded graphics. However, this version of the PUBG MOBILE New State Beta test is limited to a limited number of people who have pre-registered in the US region, so it still cannot be played, nor can you Fake IP to download or play.
PUBG: New State MOBILE Emulator
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Play game PUBG: New State Emulator on PC

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 10

Application Category: Game_Action

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