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India region, please use the VPN to download

We provide the latest download link for you, but this is not the official website, We provide download link for latest and old versions, for you, but this is not official website, if you want to visit official website, please click: gameloop.com or gameloop.fun


i am not able to download gameloop if i click on download it takes me to the screen where i started

why fps drops in gameloop?????? why not stable???????????? please work on that……. and do work on cheaters banning…..update anticheat which will automatically detect n remove the cheaters….work on that thank you

we do support, but your running a false website claiming to be gameloop. the official client is on gameloop.fun and i am an admin of the social media support team. Hence please shut down this fake website and stop causing people more harm

Dear Sir,
Whenever I try to pubg I face massive rendering problem. Mostly I face it in Classic mode. It takes to much time to load the map. Moreover I face massive frame drops as a result I always die by headshot XD. Nevertheless, Please tell me how I fix this issues?
Sincerely Yours
Md Zabir

when i play pubg in gameloop in lags so much in classic but when i play tdm or any other mode then it not lags plz help me.

nothing is downloading in this emulator it always shows failed when i reinstall this emulator then thedownload of turbo engin was only at 1 % tell me what can i do i don’t have any network issue even my device it i5 . i was using this emulator for a quite long time but suddenly it showing this issue please fix it

I am not able to login my coc account it says google play service is not supported, and I have already uninstalled and reinstalled many times but there are no positive changes

I can’t install gameloop, even i tried VPN but still not. it gives error code 20.

I have a very major issue with game loop and honestly I’m fed up of it. I install pubg using files from android mobile. I take obb file and other data files of pubg from mobile and then install pubg in Gameloop. Whenever pubg releases it’s new update, I get updated game from mobile again and then again install it in Gameloop the same way but issue arises. It makes all my controls like android device. I mean my mouse not work I have to click on screen and then move mouse curser to move screen.
I have to re install game loop again and again after every update of pubg. How can I retain the controls? I have tried many methods from youtube but in vain. If anybody know the solution do share with me.

Hi, I have a problem with high CPU consumption in the original version of the game loop. My system specifications are: intel i5 9400f, 8GB RAM and gtx 1050 ti . Where is my problem?

hallow sir , I have latest version of game loop installed in my pc, but after downloading 100% it says retry and when installation starts it doesn’t install. it displays a message please update or reinstall.
please help!

Sir, I was playing PUBG Mobile in Gameloop7.1beta emulator. I was playing fine but day before yesterday while playing my mic was not working so I restarted the emulator and entered the game again but suddenly a ban notice came on the screen saying data has been changed and it was a 10 years ban. I didn’t do anything wrong except playing the game in the official emulator but still my account got banned. Please help me unban my account. You can verify my account. My PUBG Mobile id is 576644821 and my name in PUBG Mobile is I’mGonnaKill.
So please help me in unbanning. Thank you in advance.

I have stumbled on a problem via 7.1 I can not log in via google play into PUBG mobile. Via the running of the stable version I can not enter Metro is there a possibility that you clever people can fix this?

the latest version of gameloop is always whenever i installl mobile legends 2.0 i want the old version gameloop 3.2 where it runs smoothly but i canno t download it on official website

when i start emulator game is not pair directly
every time new sign in
every time network error and failed to log in
i installed many times new emulator but after 3 days errors come back

Tried everything, reinstalling, clearing Gameloop cache, redownload a few times…When trying to link into my game account “Call of Duty” it can’t log in- account link. The Page goes blank (white screen). when exiting it renders the following… ” Authorization error (2,11)”

why gameloop 7.1 beta AOW engine not download show ? no download
please fix 4.4 lag then i never used 7.1 lost of internet data 6gb but not 97% strck network fail

i downloaded english verson, why i always havimg chinese version? i tried re install. didnt work help please


Dear Gameloop Normal Controls are not working and medkit+emote Heeadshot not working also wukong chracter + fire button not working in smart controls pleas fix normal controls Thanks I hope u Fix Soon

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