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Rise of Kingdoms PC: The battle between the army

Rise of Kingdoms is a strategy game which allows you to build an empire. You will be able to build your own empire and protect it from attacks that come from hostile forces. At the same time, you can ally with other players to attack opponents, and expand your territory.

Introduce the strategy game of lilithgame

Rise of Kingdoms is produced by NPH lilithgame. Right after when it is being introduced, it has attracted the attention of most gamers in China as well as other countries in the world.Can you play rise of civilizations on PC?

The original name of the game was Rise of Civilizations, it was officially changed to Rise of Kingdoms from March 5th 2019. Afterwards, you can start conquering the entire world and writing your own history for the kingdom.

Pinnacle empire game on Emulator

If you do not know, Rise Of Kingdoms (RoK) is a game that owns many features of the famous Clash of Clans. You will become a powerful owner of the sanctuary, you will be in charge of upgrading infrastructure in order to develop the economy of your own land.

There are many nations you can choose to become. They are Rome, Spain, China,Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Korea, Arabia, Ottoman or Byzantium. After choosing the nation, you can start building your own city to become the most powerful one in the kingdom! Of course, each nation will have its pros and cons. And more nations are being added in the next updates of the game.Can I play rise of kingdoms on PC?

There are also other interesting features that will be activated through each level. Of course, the level of difficulty will increase gradually, which means when you pass this level, the next one will be more difficult. Players will have the ability to actively upgrade their military as well as defense and attack systems.

Historically, countless civilizations were created. And the story of each civilization is passed down to the next generations. The mission of the player in the Rise of Kingdoms for Android is to build an important part of any civilization’s development.

The attractive in this good game

War is indispensable to maintain the existence of that civilization. In addition to that, allying with other forces could bring greater advantage and protection to the kingdom. Gamers will have to take advantage of all three above factors wisely to make their empire the most powerful and prosperous one.

In the Rise of Kingdoms game, each player will be able to enjoy a seamless and detailed world map, with 8 civilizations and 40 selectable heroes.Download Rise of Kingdoms for PC

Each hero has a special ability to fight and you can choose whoever you are interested in. Also, the buildings can be upgraded more nicely and uniquely, so it depends on your wish and your ability that you can build very unique ones. You will also do technology research from different eras, join alliances and manage developments in the cities that you rule.

Each civilization in the Rise of Kingdoms game has its own structure, special forces units and special advantages. Each player will have missions to discover and investigate lost temples, barbarian fortresses, mysteries caves and tribal villages.

At the same time, you need to collect intelligence about enemies to prepare for any potential clash. In addition to that, players can also move the army unrestrictedly.

Not only can you enjoy the game by yourself, but also with the alliance feature, you are allowed to help other players as well.

Rich and diverse stronghold system

Apart from owning the above basic features, the publisher also reveals about special features that are only available in the ROK and will certainly be much more attractive than other games of the same type: You can directly control your character in every battle.How to Play Rise of Kingdoms on PC

Each character called a Hero will possess extremely powerful and rich skills. It will take players some time to figure out how to combine those special skills to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible and, of course, without losing a lot of energy.

Each character will have their own skills, but players can level up these skills. They can also learn new skills from higher level. At the same time, in the battle, players can summon more monsters to join the battle to increase the strength of their army.

The best civilization

Depending on the characteristics of the civilizations, it will be best for each stage. You can easily change your civilization with Civilization Change for 10000 gems or free exchanges.

1. Starting the game: China

There is so much to say about China because it is the world leader in population. China is the best civilization for all new players because of its advantages.

Chinese characteristics:

  • Increase the construction speed by 5%: this is a very important effect, helping you upgrade the Great Hall to level 22 as quickly as possible. Your strength mainly comes from the Great Hall and the buildings. The faster the Great Hall is upgraded, the more opportunities you’ll have to participate in fascinating battles in Rise Of Kingdoms, becoming the world’s leading civilization.
  • 5% increase in regeneration of action points: action points are essential in battles, especially for fort battles. The quick recovery of action points will help you participate in more lasting and fuller events. In addition, you can also develop your command faster.

When choosing China, your starting commander is Sun Tzu – the famous old general with incredible fighting art. If you invest this champion in orange quality, that’s great.

His combat skills are very respectable with the ability to deal extremely crazy damage if surrounded by enemies in the Conquest. Not only that, Sun Tzu is also excellent in team fights.

Pair Sun Tzu with Joan or Eulji, the AoE damage will increase significantly. In particular, you can use the generals Pelagius and Belisarius to surround the battlefield, leaving the rest to Sun Tzu to take care of.

2. Mid game: Germany

This is the stage where you need a mighty army to prepare for the upcoming fierce battles. So you should turn to German civilization – a country with many buffs for fighting.

Features of Germany:

  • Increase 5% speed training soldiers : an extremely useful effect, help you get a large army faster. In fact, the sooner the soldier is out, the more advantage you’ll have in battles.
  • Increase 5% ability to recover action points : you can participate in events, battles more fully. Besides, your command will be quickly developed.
  • Increases 5% attack power of cavalry : cavalry is a very mobile type of army, can attack quickly, is the first choice of the players despite the archery AoE of archers and the ability of the opponent infantry are superior. In team combat, put the infantry to the front as a shield to receive damage from the enemy, the cavalry behind plays the main damage in the squad.

The use of cavalry will help you easily select the target of attack, destroy weak targets quickly. Cavalry are quite weak soldiers, especially when surrounded. They are only strong in individual fights. With the brutality of each war and the advantages enhanced by special skills, Germany is a country that is suitable for players who like to take initiative and violent war.

3. Late game: South Korea

Why is Korea the best civilization in the late game?

Korean characteristics:

  • 15% increase in hospital capacity: this is a really good effect at the end of the game, giving you a strong fighting power. You can fight more, make the most of the hospital’s capacity and the military resources you own.
  • Increase research speed by 3%: at this stage, many studies take months to complete. Only 3%, you have saved a ton of money and time already. When you reach T5, your empire is much stronger than the rest.
  • 5% increase in defense of archers: By this stage, you may have recruited Yi Seong Gye – the archer general with legendary quality and significant damage, but the blood is quite weak. With this 5% defense, he will become stronger than ever.

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