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How to download Teamfight Tactics on pc gameloop

Teamfight Tactics PC: The battle of the champions

How to download Teamfight Tactics PC on Windows

Teamfight Tactics Mobile is an entirely new game mode game of legendary union MOBA games. According to that Teamfight Tactics is a turn-based tactical game mode where you will face up to 7 other opponents in a race to build the most powerful lineup.


Gather an army of your favorite generals in Teamfight Tactics, a PvP strategy game from the developer of League of Legends.


In Teamfight Tactics for PC, players will strategically plan, deploy a squad, and upgrade the strength of an army of League of Legends champions to compete in a survival battle. Facing the Devil race, fighting with the Gladiator system or changing the course of the battle using the Transfiguration system, … the change of strategy is up to you !

What’s this new strategy game?

Teamfight Tactics is a completely new game mode of the League of Legends MOBA game. Accordingly, Teamfight Tactics is a turn-based strategy game mode, where you will face 7 other opponents in a race to build the strongest squad. Specifically in the game you will use gold to recruit the generals to your team.Teamfight Tactics: League of Legends Strategy on windows pc

Throughout the match, your squad will gradually become stronger with the generals and super clan. In addition, you can combine three similar generals to create a super version of that champion and combine three super generals of the same type to create an ultimate version. 


Next, your squad will move to the opponent’s chessboard and the battle of dignity will officially begin. During the match, your generals will move, attack, and use skills automatically.


You will need to choose a squad and arrange the positions of the generals to the best, in order to maximize their combat potential to win. Especially after the end of each round you will receive gold to use in the next round of general recruit.

How to play the best TFT game

  1. Use gold in the shop in the middle of each round to collect new champions for your team.
  2. Deploy multiple warriors with common characteristics to unlock battle rewards. Combine three similar generals to upgrade to a more advanced version of the hero. Combine these three versions to create an ultimate warrior.
  3. Track the game – your generals will move, attack and use magic based on how you deploy your squad.
  4. Arrange the position of the champions wisely to unlock your team’s potential.
  5. Win continuously to avoid losing power. Defeat every other player to be the only survivor on the ring.
  6. At the end of the round, players will earn gold if they win

TFT Mobile is simply a multi-platform version of TFT on PC, uses the same patch, character system, items, items (summoned beasts, battle maps), and only changes most of the interface and graphics to be compatible with mobile devices.TFT download teamfight tactics PC and mobile

The game interface of this game is optimized with 4 separate parts: The upper left corner is the hero shop and equipment box, the lower left corner is the EXP table, the upper right corner is the player information and Settings, The lower right corner is the yellow management box with the icon showing the winning / losing sequence.

Salient features in the game

Rushing into fierce battles: Find ways to outlive your opponents by building an elite squad of League of Legends champions – they’ll be ready to fight on your behalf. Plenty of random maps and in-game events ensure no match is going to be identical.


Play multi-platform games: Teamfight Tactics for gameloop supports cross-platform gaming, meaning gamers can play with friends (and crush their enemies) on PCs, Macs and of course mobile phones.


Ranking: Team Fight Tactics supports fair competition, ranking and match-finding. From the regular rank to the Challenger category, the ranking on the leaderboard will vary based on your final position in each match.

Review game Auto Battle

Overall, compared to other games on the market (including mode or standalone game) in the auto-battle game segment, TFT is having outstanding strengths, from the completely inherited LOL platform. , up to the interface system is simply modified to suit the mobile operating system … Download Teamfight Tactics on PC

And most importantly, the graphics are still very similar to the PC version, the technical effects of the match, the skill effects, the general model have not changed much.


To welcome TFT mobile, the developer also added new content, notably the Galaxy Pass and Galaxy Pass +, a paid battle pass that allows players to own skins, special items by “plowing”. experience points..

Review Teamfight Tactics
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Play game Strategy

Price: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Game

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