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turn on VT / Virtualization Technology

How to turn on VT / Virtualization Technology on Gameloop, speed up

What is Virtualization Technology (VT)?

The Virtualization Technology on computers is simply the process of creating multiple independent virtual machines from a single physical machine. These virtual machines use the same resources from the physical machine (CPU, RAM, ROM, ..)

And each of them operate independently as a real physical machine so that the system can run many operating systems at the same time, in order to meet the different needs of usage. When the Virtualization Technology is enabled, the system will create a virtualization layer for virtual machines to be running on. (Wiki).

What is Virtualization Technology

Unlike Hyper-Threading technology, which allows a physical CPU to perform like two CPUs. And it is capable of processing multiple tasks at the same time by dividing into different threads but still on the same machine.

The Virtualization Technology makes the system understand that there are many CPUs corresponding to many separate virtual machines running on independent operating systems and they handle tasks independently.

Currently, almost every CPU has integrated virtualization technology with different names such as Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x) on Intel CPUs and AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) on AMD CPUs.

What is the purpose of VT?

Before Virtualization Technology was born, the operating system and applications ran on a single physical computer. And physical computers and operating systems exist under a 1:1 relationship. However, this relationship can not optimize the usage capacity of the physical server (only about 5-10% of the capacity) causing the problem of wasting resources in the computer.

The problem is that when you want to deploy multiple operating systems, you need to have multiple physical servers. Meanwhile, upgrading the hardware to deploy will take a lot of time, effort and money to assemble and install. Therefore, you need Virtualization Technology to overcome these problems and help operate simultaneously multiple operating systems independently on the same physical server.

Are there many applications that allow virtualization? And why should virtualization be enabled inside the CPU?

Currently, there are plenty of applications to create virtual machines such as VMWare or emulators like NoxPlayer that support us to implement virtualization and run operating systems independently on physical machines.

However, these applications can not optimize the physical server hardware when they are being used. Enabling VT (Virtualization Technology) in the CPU will help these applications be able to use the hardware support optimization scripts effectively. It will deliver noticeably improved performance.

Because of those reasons, many emulators today like NoxPlayer have required users to enable Virtualization Technology (VT) before opening the application. And that is understandable because NoxPlayer desires to bring the best experience to users.

Turning on VT does not bring any bad effects to computer hardware, because this is a technology that has been researched and developed since 2005. So far, VT has been nearly perfect, so there is no need to worry when using it.

How to enable VT CPU in BIOS?

To be able to install some emulation or virtualization software, it requires the CPU chip on your computer to support Virtualization Technology. For Intel CPU, this technology is called Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT for short) or VT-x), and for AMD CPU, it is AMD Virtualization ( AMD-V for short).

  • Firstly, you need to access the BIOS as soon as the computer is started by pressing the Del, F2, or F10 keys depending on the model.
  • Find the section Virtualization Technology or Intel® Virtualization Technology in the CPU Configurations section.
  • If you can’t find the CPU Configurations section, you can continue to search in other sections such as: System Configurations, Advanced, or Security …
  • When you find the item Virtualization Technology or Intel® Virtualization Technology, if its status is Disabled, you need to enter and select Enabled
  • Save the BIOS configuration by pressing F10 and selecting Y then Enter

How to check if your computer supports virtualization?

Tips 1: Use LeoMoon CPU-V

Step 1: Download the software named LeoMoon CPU-V here.

Step 2: After the software is downloaded, extract and double click to use. The software is portable so you do not need to install it, just double click the LeoMoon CPU-V.exe file or right-click the file and select Run as administrator.

Step 3: Check the results

  • VT-x Supported: If there is a blue checkmark as shown below, it means that your computer supports virtualization technology. On the other hand, if there is a red x, you can’t install the virtual computer.
  • VT-x Enabled: Virtualization mode is being enabled.

If Virtualization Technology is not enabled, there will be a red x.

Tips 2: Open Task Manager on the computer

  • Step 1: press Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  • Step 2: Select the Performance tab
  • Step 3: Find Virtualization, you will see Enabled (successfully activated).

Tips 3: Check on Gameloop

  1. Open Gameloop
  2. Click search game BnB M
  3. Select download and play game
  4. If you see a green button and click on it, and the image shown below is successfully enabled

how to check Virtualization Technology
Brands supported this mode

Windows 7, 8, 10 (Chipset ADM ryzen, Intel core) Laptop Asus, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell Inspiron, MSI, Haier…

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Hello, i would like to report the issue i recently saw in my GameLoop emulator… The thing is that when i run an application or a game i don’t see the green or red VT indicator, it isn’t there. I thought it was my computer settings and checked the UEFI and i have the VT support enabled, then i tried to use it in other emulators and it worked fine… I just need some help please. Thank you, i hope you answer me as soon as possible.

eveytime i start playing pubg mobile it always displays no response from sever ,request timed out , return to the ogin page and the main is when im in game suddeny from nowhere connection lost .reconnect and i have connected wifi and has a good WIFI network then why this all problems/?

My pc virtulization is enabled, but in gameloop there is no green icon, how to enable it?

hey guys whats up?
i have some prb in log in I have new 7.1beta version
ACTUALLY it starts from the new CODmobile season2
now i have log in prb please help its season2 ); please

Eu desabilitei a virtualização para testar o Gameloop e ficou até melhor, minha BIOS tem a “Intel Technology Virtualization” e “Intel VT-D” desabilitei ambos.

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